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“Priya’s development has been beyond expectations and the level of care offered by ALL the staff has been exceptional. All staff have been very helpful and have guided us well in all aspects of Priya’s development, a credit to your Nursery.

It’s also nice to be greeted by all your staff with enthusiasm and professionalism each day.”

Pritesh and Sangeeta Parekh

Little Rascals provides education through a framework, known as The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), which includes the following areas:

  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding of the world
  • Expressive Art and Design

We believe in enhancing this special time, by providing a fun and stimulating environment to support the development of your child’s knowledge, skills, and confidence. Each activity is carefully planned for, taking into consideration the individual child, their needs, and interests.

Characteristics of effective Learning (COEL)

The characteristics of effective learning are an important element in the early year’s foundation stage. They describe the ways in which children should be learning from their environment, experiences, and activities. Children up to the age of five should all be displaying the characteristics of effective learning every day.

  • Playing and exploring
  • Active Learning
  • Creating and thinking critically

At Little Rascals we monitor and enhance COEL by providing children with open ended and engaging opportunities for them to explore the world around them.

Each stage of your child’s development is carefully planned, monitored and communicated. We use a system called famly, which is an online journal recording all the learning and fun of children’s early years education as well as all their nursery information and records. This unique journal is shared online with parents, who can see special moments, view, and add to their child’s progress. Your child’s journal is private and not available online to anyone else.

“Little Rascals has made Rylan the happy, funny, confident and most of all clever little boy he is. I couldn’t have picked a better nursery for both my boys to learn in.”

Natalie Bishop

Transition to School

The team at Little Rascals have a strong network with local primary schools. We invite all the Primary Reception Staff into our pre-school to visit the children. This introduction proves to be very positive for the children.

We help our children to build the confidence, independence and skills they need to help them start school and provide all the assistance required to make this transition as smooth and successful as possible.

“The facilities and staff of Little Rascals are wonderful, our two daughters have both enjoyed their time here immensely, the staff are all wonderful. My girls are more than ready to go to school.”

William Grinder


When you leave Nursery, this can be a very emotional time for everyone as close bonds have been formed over the time you have spent with us.

The Graduation ceremony is organised to enable our Key Worker and the Team to have a final celebration with you, give the children a keep sake of their time with us and to wish you all the very best for the future as the children embark on their new educational journey to school.

“I’d like to pass on my thanks to the Little Rascals team. Franky has really enjoyed himself at Nursery. The whole environment couldn’t have been better. Well done on a great job.”

Gemma Boycott


What makes us special…

Qualified Staff

Our management team has over 30 years’ experience and is committed to supporting all staff with their continuous professional development through training and mentoring.

Practical Learning

Every day Little Rascals brings new opportunities for hands on learning in a creative and fun environment. Each child is unique; all activities are planned around their specific needs or interests.

Parent Involvement

We encourage all our Parent/Carers to be involved in nursery life by sharing information, social events, training, newsletters, surveys and celebrating special occasions.

Regular Events

Little Rascals is a hub of activity, with monthly events including Christmas parties, Grandparents tea, stay and play, Donkey Sanctuary and farm visits, Fire Brigade, Fruity Friday and many more.