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Our high quality food served at Little Rascals provides children with all the nutrition and energy they need for a busy day of playing and learning. We offer all the children attending the nurseries a variety of balanced and nutritious meals and snacks.

Meal times are a social occasion at Little Rascals. We start the day at 8.30am with breakfast, offering a choice of cereals and toast. Mid-morning, we will have a snack of fruit, before a healthy two course lunch around mid-day. Mid-afternoon we have a fruit snack, then around 4pm we have Tea, where the children have another healthy meal. Drinks of water are available throughout the day and a drink of milk is given to each child each day.

Little Rascals believe in educating children about food to encourage them to make healthy choices.   We also encourage independence and table manners.

Our menus are on a four week rotational basis and consider taste, texture and colour. Each menu is displayed in our nurseries and has been certified by a qualified nutritionist.

We are proud to advertise the excellent 5-star ratings we get from Environmental Health Inspections. Our Catering Manager is always available to adapt menus if your child has any specific dietary requirements or to give you copies of any favourite recipes. and always achieve good food safety results.

For more information on the quality of the meals served at Little Rascals, ask to see a sample menu on your initial visit to us, and check our latest Food Safety Results for Barwick Road and Station Road.


What makes us special…

Qualified Staff

Our management team has over 30 years’ experience and is committed to supporting all staff with their continuous professional development through training and mentoring.

Practical Learning

Every day Little Rascals brings new opportunities for hands on learning in a creative and fun environment. Each child is unique; all activities are planned around their specific needs or interests.

Parent Involvement

We encourage all our Parent/Carers to be involved in nursery life by sharing information, social events, training, newsletters, surveys and celebrating special occasions.

Regular Events

Little Rascals is a hub of activity, with monthly events including Christmas parties, Grandparents tea, stay and play, Donkey Sanctuary and farm visits, Fire Brigade, Fruity Friday and many more.